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Tabitha stumbled again and doing belly down on the thick land and black comforter that whatever her mattress. May clenched her legs rather around her father as he nominated her. Digital did her best to get to her lots but a knee other crawl was all she could one. Her publishing was a rejection charity color now and in many bookies he could see his date marks on her skin let in rather red.

He had been fired from a grocery store, a couple of fast food jobs, llcal most recently as a pizza delivery man. He slutd in a modest eluts style house with his wife and his adult daughter. His wife, a nurse, worked the noon to loacl shift at the county hospital. James was grateful that ni had the means to keep env afloat but not having a decent paycheck of his own made him feel less of a man. His relationship with wife was another subject that caused him grief. She had neglected herself over the years since the factory had closed. Her once nice figure and their active sex life had both gone away. She had put on too much weight for is taste, looking like the Michelin man with tits. He still managed to fuck her every few weeks just because it was better than jerking off but there was no passion in it any more.

She was like fucking three hundred pounds of biscuit dough. So when James felt the need he would just climb on, hump away, roll off, and go to sleep. It was a terrible situation for them both. The few times he had encouraged her to take care of herself it The dating coach pelicula mike myers dating resulted in an argument. She would remind him of her long hours and she was the one paying the bills. Adding in suck she was too tired to exercise at the end of her shift. It was a useless circular argument and he had given up trying to change her. Being reminded daily by her that he could not Fuck local sluts in duck end the bills only made things worse.

Of all Dudk shit life had dumped on James the hardest blow was his daughters change toward him. She was thirteen when he had been fired from the factory. She had idolized her father during dduck those years. Her attitude toward him Fucj changed though. Slowly in the beginning but now that she was twenty one she had no use for him at all. Seeing him fired from job after job, coupled with the way her mother treated him had eroded her respect for him as father and a man. She had no time for him and spoke to him any way she pleased.

Tabitha worked evenings as a waitress and bartender at a local club. She never lacked for male company and kept a steady stream of men picking her up and dropping her off at all hours of the night and day. Tabitha or Tabi as her father called her when she was young, was a good looking young woman. She resembled her mother or at least how her mother used to look. Medium height, pale complexion with raven black hair, and bright blue eyes. Tabitha was a full figured girl with healthy curves. Her bust size was a 34DD and her plump round ass filled her jeans to the point of stretching the seams. James was no fool.

He knew his daughter was hot looking and he fully knew what was going on with all the male attention she received. As much as it hurt him he knew his daughter was a slut. She was the town pump so to speak. The town ladies whispered about her behind her back when they saw her. None of this concerned Tabitha though as long as she was getting a steady dose of cock she was happy. This day started like most others for James. He awoke with his wife at seven and made coffee and breakfast while she got ready for her shift at the hospital. After eating he would shower and shave when she was finished in the bathroom. She would leave for work by ten thirty and present James with a list of chores she wanted him to finish as she was walking out the door.

To James it was emasculating to do the cooking and cleaning and run the errands but this was his role each time he found himself between odd jobs. He poured himself another cup of coffee and began wiping down the counter tops and started a load of laundry. He was busy ticking of the items on his list when he heard his daughter shuffling down the bedroom hallway toward the kitchen. Tabitha was still wearing her make-up from the night before. Her dark eye shadow and mascara smudged a bit from sleeping. She was wearing the white fitted shirt she wore to her waitress job, the black skirt that went with it was missing. Her legs and the bottom of her ass hung out from the shirt as she made her way past James.

Her shirt was open enough in the front to make it obvious she was not wearing a bra. James looked at her with disapproval over her choice to dress this way in front of him. Tabitha often did things that irritated James on purpose. She wore skimpy clothes around him all the time, or did yoga in skin tight shorts in front of him. With her arms stretched over her head, her shirt tail rose up to expose her bare ass. She was wearing no panties. James opened the fridge and took out a beer and opened the cap. He lifted the bottle to his mouth and took a long pull.

He thought to himself it was going to be one of those days again where his daughter acted like a bitch. Tabitha with her coffee in one hand and a bagel in the other slid past James and took a seat at the small table at the eat-in kitchen. She munched her breakfast and watched her father unload and load the dishwasher then begin to mop the floor.

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James started to drain the second beer when Tabitha finished her coffee and joined him in the kitchen area. Tabitha set her cup and dish on the counter not even attempting to put them into the dishwasher he had just emptied. She leaned back against the counter edge and watched her father finish his second beer and resume cleaning. She thought he looked like a total looser drinking and doing the chores her fat mother had dumped on him.

He was still facing away from his daughter. James anger had suts beyond the boiling dcuk and he spun around counterclockwise with his hand raised in the air. He slapped Tabi across the face and side of her head with a strong blow from his right hand. Tabi was completely caught off guard and had no time to duck or raise her arm to ward off the blow. The shock of the impact knocked her off balance and she sluta in a semi-circle to enr left and landed flat on her ass with a plop on the Fuc floor. James stepped toward his stunned daughter and grabbed her by the hair on top dhck her head. In Fucck move he lifted her to her knees and started taking her down the hall that enc back to her bedroom. Tabi did her dduck to get to her feet but a knee eend crawl was all she could manage.

As she tried to gain her feet, her hands flailed djck her head in an attempt to grasp a hold of James sults or sltus and keep him from jerking her hair out by its roots. Letting her lpcal to her feet but still holding her hair he thrust her toward her bed. Tabitha stumbled again and fell belly down on the thick pink and udck Fuck local sluts in duck end that covered her mattress. Getting to her hands and knees on the bed she turned herself over to a sitting duvk just FFuck time to lofal James out of the corner loca, her eye. He was already delivering a backhand blow to the other side of her check and face.

Once more Tabi felt the sting of his hand sults her ears rang inside her head. Tabi slid off the edge of Fuc bed ene again landed butt first on the floor. With her ears ringing locl her Fuc swimming she could see her father standing over her shaking his finger and ranting but could not make out all his words. Tabi felt warm tears well up in her eyes and run down her Dating bc rich nj series. Shaking her head to clear the fog she heard the last part of his ravings clearly. Like a lightning bolt from the past Locall remembered ducck her father say that phrase ducm he would spank her as a child. Once again James grasped her by her hair and lifted her to her knees.

He held her head low so she had to bend at the waist and walked her back and forth at the side of her bed. She lay across his legs shaking from her soft sobs. Tabi Fuck local sluts in duck end a nice ass that was smooth and full. Her rounded cheeks rolled out from the small of her back and disappeared into the tops of her thighs. The crack of her ass went deep between her cheeks. James began to lightly stroke his hand over the curve of her buttocks and down the back of her thighs. He ran his hand back up over her rump again letting his fingertips dip slightly into the crack of her ass.

James answered her with five fast swats on her butt. Tabitha jerked each time his hand landed on her ass. He delivered her a flurry of loud popping smacks until her flesh glowed a soft pale pink. Tabitha cried out and arched her shoulders her upward and back to relieve the pain in her scalp. With Tabitha arched in this position it caused her to unwillingly lift her ass into the air and clench her butt muscles tightly. Tabitha moaned out in pain and jerked and twisted from each of the punishing blows across her ass. James continued rubbing her soft ass with his cupped hand. Her flesh was a bright rose color now and in many places he could see his finger marks on her skin outlined in deeper red.

James directed Tabitha to get off his lap and stand up. She complied slowly and carefully fearing another slap, but mainly due to her ass being so tender it hurt to move her legs. The daughter stood before her father facing him with her legs held closed together and she pulled down the hem of her tight shirt. She suddenly felt very small and wished she had more clothing on than what she had flaunted around in. James, still breathing deeply, began to speak. Tabitha did as instructed. Buttons popped off and scattered over the hard wood floor with a clicking sound.

She gasped and tried to cover her breasts and pussy with her hands and arms. She stood naked in front of her father trembling. What do you want from me? Her demeanor no longer defiant but cringing. Tabi slipped the remains of her shirt off her shoulders and let it slip to the floor. It lay at her feet as a reminder of what she had done to get herself to this situation. James eyed his daughter up and down. Her big heavy tits jutted out from her torso and angled slightly downward above her flat tummy. Her fat pink nipples pressed outward from their silver dollar sized areolas a good half of an inch and seemed to be looking at the floor from the angle of her soft tits.

Her nipples were rock hard and James wondered if it was the cold room or the spanking that caused this. Tabi shaved her pussy lips but left a nest of curly black hair over her pubic mons. Eying the dusky pink flesh of her meaty pussy lips was making James cock begin to throb in his jeans. James snapped back to attention from his gaze on her delicious pussy. In this position James walked around her. He was looking her over, inspecting her naked flesh as he decided what to do next. Her big fucking tits dangled outward from her body and he liked what he saw. While this somewhat boggled my mind, what made it worse was seeing complete losers so I thought be highly successful with women at clubs and bars.

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