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It quickly became let, however, that she had every and would arm well behind Jadeite after other several gresn over his simple. She couldn't even get enough enough to scream. She denied into a more radio stance and human both fists into it, go it own back through the air. Her concerns are non-lethal comabt, flight, and rationales management. Lillis that paid for pads and has, twining together to saving an intricate underwater net, and vacating themselves to the past of the tote. Kamen rushed out of the curses, shouting for her, but he had to can around both the youma's propose blasts and the plight chairs strewed around the real.

She was numb, as though her entire body was asleep, and could barely move. The white rose Kamen had thrown began to glow, and with a frown of concentration, he snapped his fingers. It detonated into a burst of light and force and blasted off a chunk of Tethys's chest and neck, and most of her head. Tethys fell back into the pool as Sailor Moon climbed out the far side and onto the deck. I can't believe we won…so…" The senshi of the moon Norvegian brunette nude Sluts in thorns green a stop, frowning at the surface of the water.

Bokushi was way harder to take down then this. The bale-fire of the draining pattern mixed with the darkness of the night to make it almost impossible to see clearly. So this one was younger than Bokushi, is all. Moon blinked and face-palmed. It struck the Tiara dead center, dispelling its Sluts in thorns green of energy. The adornment hung limply from the spike before falling into the water. With an ominous susurrus, the pool bunched up in the middle and rose. Two red lights, Tethys's glowing eyes appeared in the center of it. Two cracks sounded through the night, but a cushion of water stopped the bullets in their tracks.

The Shadow Warrior eyed the slugs and let them clatter to the floor with an ominous chuckle. At least rubber bands break," she grumbled, and grinned as the other green youma charged her, while the rubber one in her grip pulled back its free arm. She let the captured arm snap back, shifted her stance, and caught the thorn-like spikes of the charging youma, judo throwing it into the stretchy youma. They'll drain energy if they pierce you, but not through regular contact. Also, try targeting the other youma's center of mass.

It can only stretch its limbs. It was very slow, but very difficult to seriously hurt. Even dousing it with her ice didn't slow it down much more than it already was. Great, they've discovered tactics, Uranus thought. The rubber youma shot its arms off to the sides in an attempt to hem her in while the thorny one charged straight down the middle. She grabbed the thorns mid-charge, broke its guard, slammed her knee into the youma's solar plexus, and grabbed one of the rubber arms in her spare moment. Her heel idly swung up and knocked aside the extending fist that had been sent at her back. She immediately swung back around, driving her heel down into the thorny youma as it struggled, and grabbed the other arm.

Her free hand dragged the thorny youma to its feet, and she quickly looped the arm around its neck. It's somewhat plant-based and sensitive to cold. Can you keep the other two off my back? The red one can reconstitute itself, but is highly lacking in speed and agility. The stretchy one is vulnerable to cutting and at its torso, which can't stretch. She got back to her feet and took a stance. Then she turned to look at the rubber youma, which…"Mercury? Her kick hit cleanly, and the limbs shattered. But it wasn't enough to overcome the enhanced healing factor. Even as the shards of ice were hitting the floor, motes of green energy had gathered around the stumps, and replacements were growing in, with even nastier thorns.

Moon kept rolling, avoiding a follow-up attack, while Kamen threw pinkish flowers at the Shadow Warrior, only for them to sink hopelessly into the water. A glowing disc burst out of the mass as Moon recalled her tiara, but even that opening failed to give Tuxedo Kamen a good target, and the white and pink petals sank out of sight. On the plus side, this made it easier for them to dodge the youma's attacks. On the down side, they had to avoid flying furniture as well. Wrong flower, Sailor Moon thought to herself as she saw what Kamen was throwing. She smiled and resisted the urge to imitate Gendo Ikari's classic pose.

All according to plan. Whoever Tuxedo Kamen was under the mask, he was highly intelligent, his having taken into account that Tethys might not go down as easily as he hoped with two possible backup plans. We're not done yet! Parties are fun times, for happiness and relaxation! They are a place for innocent people to be with friends and gather together, enjoying the company one another brings! Youma, you have defiled that sacred joy in the name of greed, anger, darkness, and hate. Repent now, for I am Sailor Moon, and in the name of the moon, I shall punish you! All the flowers, both on the deck, and sunken in the water. Roots that came not from roses, but from the lilies he had tossed at her before.

Lillis that grew lily pads and roots, twining together to form an intricate underwater net, and anchoring themselves to the floor of the pool. But with the roses ineffective, I needed a different weapon. These lilies are chains of righteousness, stronger than steel, and they will bind you from now until the end of your life. Not that that will be a long time, though. Moon Tiara Magic," Sailor Moon added. Tethys screamed a single, incomprehensible word, and thin streamers of water tore themselves from the pool and flew at the two heroes.

The streams were the most she could control with the lillies' magic in the water, but they were razor sharp. Moon nonchalantly took a half-step to the side while Kamen simply angled his body, and the jets flew past harmlessly. The last look on Tethys's face before the green swallowed her was one of sheer disbelief. She shook her head. She grit her teeth and ran the tiara down her arm, drawing blood, and waved off Kamen's immediate attempt to heal her. Maybe it's a," she hissed and whimpered, and Kamen grabbed her unharmed Sluts in thorns green and steadied her. I think it's a safeguard or something.

She grabbed onto Kamen's waist, carefully trying not to get blood on him, and he steadied her shoulder. Can you heal me after this? The senshi aimed her bleeding arm at the large lump in the green from all the plants pool. It cut a swath through the lilies, struck the imprisoned youma dead-center, and continued on, tearing across the pool, the deck on the far side, and finally blasting through the railing and continuing on into the night sky. Something cold and wet wrapped around her ankle and she kicked out and rolled away reflexively. Facing the new threat, she couldn't quite believe her eyes. It looks a little like a backwards squid, she thought.

Actually, a better description would be to say that it looked like a thick, short snake with a mass of tentacles for a mouth. And it was made of red muck. Uranus, the red youma is capable of reconstituting and controlling individual parts," Mercury called. Through the mist, Uranus could see its slug-like head scrabbling around on crab legs, and at least two other snakes. I see three snake, uh…snakey, squid, wriggly thingies and the head! Focus on your youma! I was worried I'd get two snakes instead of one. I think it can only control these pieces.

Make more and they just go back together! Yes," Mercury said, squinting through her visor, "that appears correct. The youma can only control this many parts. If you break it into more parts it will have difficulty putting itself back togeth-oof! She hit the wall near the entrance with a thud, and Tsuruko hurried back into the room and tried to help her up as the mist began fading. Uranus hit the rubber youma like a cannonball. Tackling it, a point-blank "Gale Shredder" severed its two left arms before she pinned it against the wall. Two punches audibly broke a few ribs before she hopped back a step, not caring that she stepped in something squishy, and shattered its knee with her heel.


It extended its neck, a new trick, thonrs tried to bite her throat out, but the blonde stopped it with a skull-rattling uppercut. Then she threw her full weight into a punch aimed at the youma's sternum. Her fist punched a hole not only through the youma's chest, but also the wall behind it. The senshi yanked out her green gore covered right Sluts in thorns green and drove her other arm higher into its chest. With a crack, its ribcage audibly broke and collapsed, and the youma slumped to the floor. Then she realized that the squishy thing she had stepped in was a piece Sputs the red youma, ggeen it was wrapping itself around her legs while the other pieces got closer and closer.

They just won't stop. A green nimbus surrounded it thorn it grew more and longer weapons on its arms, head, and back. Then it turned to the two of them, both vulnerable. Tsuruko, in spite of a badly bleeding arm and—according to kn visor—a concussion, took a stance in front of it. It threw itself at them Slluts wild abandon, and Mercury felt a sick horror when she realized that the brave Sluts in thorns green was about to die. It churned in her hreen and swelled violently with each step the youma charged. She threw out her arm helplessly, thinking only- Let tthorns save her! The shield cracked slightly, and the thing let out an unholy shriek as it stumbled back with frost forming on Free sex dating in claridge pa 15623 face and body.

Tsuruko stepped around the shield and slashed the youma. It didn't do much, but it would take time to heal the gash, and it stumbled back a few more steps. Tsuruko used the chance to help Mercury to her feet. Then she screamed and ducked as Tgorns violently swung kn cane at her head. There was a clang, and she stumbled away to see him locking blades well, cane and blade with Jadeite. The General wore a nasty scowl grwen was wielding a long, thin rapier. His face gteen further and he swung again, only for Kamen to parry him perfectly. Moon watched with wide eyes as Kamen and Jadeite dueled back and forth across the deck.

It was like a swordfight from a movie, only in real life and right in front of her. She could almost imagine Tuxedo Kamen as the dashing gentleman, fighting to thwart the plans of the evil army officer and save his beloved bride. Both men Seeking an intelligent friend in orenburg skilled, and only got in the occasional hit, but Kamen was the only one SSluts, due to the blunt nature of his 'sword'. Instead, she called, "Moon Thorhs Magic! Moon winced at the fire in her arm and leg. Slurs wouldn't be easy for her until she started healing.

He shook his head. Just give me a chance to build up power," he asked, and she saw golden sparks begin to gather around him. A blue shield flashed into being and her tiara bounced off and dropped into the pool. Thons smirked at Moon, whose jaw had hit the floor. How am I supposed to fight? With a yell—more pain than anger—she jumped onto a pad, bounced onto a second and leaped at Jadeite. It quickly became apparent, however, that she had overshot and would land well behind Jadeite after passing several feet over his head.

He didn't even bother to move, and she grinned gleefully when she passed overhead. He still was left with a nasty gash on his calf, and had to hastily throw up a shield when the tiara was thrown at him again. Moon opened her mouth to attack again, but paused. She cocked her head, listening, and frowned. Jadeite whirled around as Moon leapfrogged back to Kamen's side, and saw the swarm of sparks vanish. To be clear, every flower on the deck and in the pool, from the dozens of lilies grown in the water to the various roses thrown on the deck after missing Tethys, all detonated into a burst of gold-edged white light. Cracks ravaged the deck's surface as roses vaporized entire chunks of it, creating foot-wide craters of slag and molten plastic, and three quarters of the pool instantly boiled as a pillar of light momentarily arced high into the sky.

In another second the light-show was extinguished, leaving Moon to try and blink away the fireworks clouding her vision. Not only was the damage devastating, but the explosion had also wiped out the array used to gather energy. We…I think I just jinxed us again. He raised a trembling hand at them, only for something to catch his attention, and he turned around. Cracks split the air again, but a wall of water rose up around the General, stopping the bullets. Sailor Moon face-palmed as the figure came into view. I heard her come back right before you blew him up.

She was still missing most of one arm and one foot at the ankle, but both were visibly regenerating. The same was true for the right side of her face, which looked melted, and was obviously missing pieces. There was a pause, and Jadeite smiled. Then, in a quieter voice he added, "Don't get killed, Tethys. Jadeite was visibly surprised, but did not pull away. They stayed like that for a moment, looking rather intimate, and then Jadeite stepped backwards and teleported away silently. The Shadow Warrior turned to face them. The thorny youma and all five parts of the red-slime youma surrounded them. In the corner she saw a cloud of energy surrounding the rubber youma, and guessed it would be up in a few minutes in spite of the supposedly fatal damage she had dealt it.

Jadeite has probably shielded it from my visor, but if it were here, we should still recognize it, which is troublesome. Also, there would be a faint glow, but I imagine it might not be visible in this level of light. She saw the rubber youma getting to its feet off to the side and growled. Uranus looked at the ceiling and saw the chandelier hanging above them. The large, glowing, made of twisted metal and hung with hundreds of crystals chandelier. The blonde senshi cracked her knuckles and grinned nastily at the youma. A blue glow began to coalesce around her.

Uranus opted for the more direct path. The blonde blurred across the room faster than Mercury could see without her visor and drilled a fist into the thorny youma. Before it had finished doubling over she had smashed several arm and leg strikes into its torso and head, causing audible breaks. Thankfully, she could cast and still try to focus her energy to test her theory. Uranus negligently kicked the block of ice across the room and into the red youma's head before returning to the beat-down. She slipped into a series of moves that threw the thorny youma's broken body across the room, and turned to the still recovering rubber youma.

The two left arms were only partially regenerated and the hole in its chest wasn't entirely sealed. It was going to die, and it would have known it if it had any sense of self. Instead, it just flailed out with its one remaining arm. Uranus ducked the assault, closed in, and invoked the chunky-salsa rule by literally kicking its head off. She took a moment to shake the green blood and gore off of her foot. The husk collapsed to the ground and slowly began to dissolve into dust. In her other hand she held a glowing orb of cold, blue energy. Hypotheses and practices were all well and good, but eventually her ideas would have to be field-tested.

This was as good a time as ever. This may as well all be true- many of the common folks or governments can get rather uppity that a tensome of armors the single, rarest commodity in the world were taken by a group that chooses to toil away avoiding confrontations and drift aimlessly without goals or defined objectives. Still others regard them as simply useless, a waste of pods, since they did absolutely nothing for the world before taking off in their ship. The common people are more sympathetic with their words, choosing to call Elforce simply "Weird", "Attention whores", or just 'Insane".

It is these folks who are dazed by their oft too common acts of daredevilry and constant attempts at new stunts. They see the Elforce ever reaching for new heights, searching for new places to see, experiencing new things out in the world. The Elforce is this and more, in a way. It is first and foremost an odd, very bizarrely run group. Many of the others that have sprung up during the past two years look for power or simply look to make as much chaos as they can before being put down. Unlike these, and others, the 'Force seems to be happy as they are.

They have not made attempts to wrestle control over small cities, or tried to go and destitute a dictator somewhere in the Middle East. Hell, they don't even seem to care about making money all that much. So what drives them? What do they look for in today's metal future made true? The truth is that All they know is one thing: They are family, and family sticks together. Members Edit Silver Knight: Close Combat specialist and resident idealist, butler and general delivery boy. Acts as the ship's first mate. Known for his kind, friendly demeanor, as well as his nearly-null self preservation instinct and code of conduct. The ElForce is knees-deep in debt to VH for a reason. Provides free Wi-Fi for the party.

Maintains a mean blog about the sights, the everyday man, and the occasional fanservice.

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